How cool is this Atwater Village Home?

Probably in the spirit of Valentine’s Day we are taking a look inside the Atwater Village home of two artistically cool lovebirds. Tanya Aguiniga and Todd Beattie have lived in their 670 square foot home for 7 years. We’re featuring their residence because it’s filled with warm character and a love for home interior design.

And it’s no wonder when Tanya is a successful furniture, textiles and accessories designer and husband Todd is a visual merchandiser. Take a look at any room in their Atwater Village abode and you’ll find a unique blend of love for the western world with Native American influences and natural handmade items throughout. Tanya, a native Tijuana born girl, is enamored with the textiles of her culture and you can find them all over the home and with the couple’s wearables.

The house is perfectly full in the sense that while there is no room for an extra ottoman or bookshelf, neither is the room crowded or disturbed with frivolous trinkets. Every piece in each square foot of space is homely and aesthetically sound.

What can you learn from the story of this home? This is an educated couple with an appreciation of nature and natural beauty. A simple fulfilled life for them means being at peace and having all of the necessities in addition to constant cerebral stimulation and artistic expression. We suspect life will have greater meaning for the two now that they happily expecting a child.

How cool would it be to have neighbors like these? Enjoy images of Tanya and Todd’s house in Atwater Village. If you’re looking to find your own place in the neighborhood, Trevino Properties is the agency to call.

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